Why you should think about making a will in Canada

If you are a resident of Canada and you have some property in your name, then it is best that you should make a will so that after your death, there is no dispute regarding how the property would be distributed amongst your children and relatives. Dying without making a will in Ontario means that the person has died Intestate. This is a controversial term and depending upon the state, there are certain nuances that differ. However, by and large, it means that the assets and property of the deceased person are distributed by the state and the authorities decide how and to whom they are going to be distributed. This is quite different from the common notion that if a person dies without a will, by default, it passes on to their spouse and children. On the contrary, in Canada, the property can pass on to the spouse only if they were joint owners and he or she has the right of survivorship.

So in case a person has any wish or desire to leave a portion of their property to a charitable organization, or to a person not directly related to the family but just because there was some deep emotional bond down the line, or to debtors as the balance of previous debts, unless all of this is stated in the will, duly stamped and signed by the notary, they will not be executed. Once the authorities take up the distribution of properties, a portion of it does go to the spouse and children, but even then there might be problems in the case of non- traditional families, or where the person had married twice and there are children from both the marriages. In fact, not making a will can also mean that the beneficiaries would also have to pay extra fine, not to mention that they might also have to enter a litigation, paying for it from their pockets- something they are definitely not going to thank their mother or father for. Adhering to the norms of the state is a must for the proper distribution of assets in almost all the states of Canada.

So if you are a resident of Canada, and you know you have people you want to hand over the property to, then it is best to make a will so that the assets reach the right hands. Contact Notarizers today for your wills.

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Why you should Take Fingerprints under Supervision of a Qualified Person

Fingerprint analyses are important in various avenues of life and they are one of the major methods behind criminal investigation. However, in contemporary scenario, taking fingerprints is not just restricted to the criminal world. There are lots of reasons behind common men taking their fingerprints and getting them analyzed and one of them is to prevent any kind of forgery. However, taking fingerprints is not as easy as it sounds. To a layman, it just might seem placing the fingers on a scanner, but there is so much more to it. So it should always be done under the supervision of a qualified individual.

Why are qualified supervisors important while taking fingerprints?

To start with, a qualified person would tell you the rules and regulations of taking fingerprints. He will refuse to have it done in case there are tattoos on the fingers or with any kind of piercings on. Injury to the fingers, where the outer dermis has been affected, has to be healed completely before the fingerprints are to be taken. In case of a permanent injury, a separate certificate is issued that states the nature of the injury and how it has affected the fingerprints.

All of these are very crucial aspects which only an experienced person will be able to help you with. Even while placing the fingers under the scanner, there is a particular method of doing so. The pressure should not be too light so that the scanner cannot register them nor too much, so that they get blurred from excess pressure. If needed, an experienced person will ask for another scan if he is not satisfied with the results. The fingers should not be placed too close to one another or too far apart and the thumb often gets neglected, which can be corrected under the inspection of a qualified individual.

Digital fingerprinting services in Canada usually recruit people who have had experience in the forensics or similar field so that they understand and appreciate the true nature and gravity of the scenario. They will also help in the generation of the final certificate and this can be crucial in scenarios where a prospective employer might want a criminal background check because of recruitment to a job of sensitive or extremely responsible nature. Be sure that in case such a need arises, always seek a qualified person for the taking fingerprints. At Notarizers, we have qualified fingerprinting supervisors who can always assist you.

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Necessity of Apostille Documents for International Adoptions

Most kinds of documents need to have a stamp of authority to make them it legally valid and so that they have credibility in the eyes of law. An apostille is a kind of certificate that is prevalent in certain countries across the globe and it is passed by someone in authority in that country. However, that particular country has to have the “Apostille Convention” in force. The main function is that they have to approve the seal of the authority on the documents- which is precisely this: A document is already stamped by an official, for example, a notary. Now the Apostille further authenticates that stamp, so that the procedure becomes absolutely foolproof. Authentication and legalization services in Canada are very particular in these aspects. Notarizers is a provider of apostille and authentication and legalization services.

Why are Apostille Documents important for International Adoptions?

Many childless parents opt for adoption every year, and there are percentages who adopt babies of other nationalities. This might be choice or due to scenarios where relatives residing in other countries permanently have suddenly passed away and their children have to go to relatives, adopting him or her, but staying in another country. In this case, all the paperwork has to be in place to prove that the new parents have all the permits to take the child permanently out of his residing country to another country and apostille documents have great credibility in such scenarios. This is because, a usual adoption paper of one country might not suffice while bringing the child to a new country and questions may be asked regarding the origin of the baby.

An apostille document leaves no doubt whatsoever that all the necessary matters have been looked into with regards to the origin and subsequent adoption of the baby. Moreover, these documents also have long standing value. Rules and norms keep changing and they can be difficult to keep track off especially in international scenarios. However, apostille documents, even after they are produced a long time after, still hold their ground and this can be of great help if due to any reason the child, after becoming an adult, wants to go back to his place of origin.

The apostille documents become recognized in other countries and are treated with as much importance as they would have received had they originated from the native land of the child. and a lot of extra hassle can be avoided during and after adoption, while bringing a child home across international borders.

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Important Points to Know About Criminal and Background Checks in Canada

Background checks are often a necessity in scenarios like employment, adoption, name change, while seeking permanent residency in foreign country and various such scenarios. However, a Criminal background check is taking things a notch higher and it entitles for a grave situation in doing so. Criminal background check in Canada is very much permissible, but there are quite a few things to keep in mind. Here are some of them:

  • If you are conducting a criminal background check on someone, then there should be a valid reason for doing so. Government authorities have their own needs and their own methods of investigation, which is vastly different from that of a common person. So for instance, if you are an employer, then you should have valid reason for doing such a check on a prospective employee. So, in case, you are looking for an accountant to whom you would be handing over all the financial responsibilities of the company, then you might opt for such a check.
  • Next, never conduct the criminal background check without informing the person concerned. Else, he might take you to court for violation of privacy. Or as an employer, you might lose your standing. Moreover, even while you are informing the candidate, it is best that you actually offer him the job and then conduct the check. This is because, in most cases, a regular background screening is enough to offer the employee a position and if you are doing more than that, you have to make sure that you have ample reason for doing so.
  • Next, there are various steps to taking a criminal record. There are fingerprints to be analyzed, make an application and if an employer is requesting a background check, then he also has to submit his own credentials with the authorities or else they will not be disclosing the records to just about any individual. If the background check is for some other reason apart from job employment, then adequate documents have to be submitted so that the authorities know whether the person asking for the criminal record is himself clear off all charges. An easy way is to tell the prospective employee directly that his criminal check has to be conducted and request him to get a valid clearance certificate, which can be reviewed and cross checked.

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How to get Required Documents For Travel With Minors

In Canada, authorities are very particular about documents and authentication because they are very strict about upholding the laws of the country. In case of traveling with minors, some documents are required to be in place. Any person under the legal age of eighteen is considered a minor in Canada and if he or she is traveling all alone, then they need consent letter from their parents. In case an adult is traveling with a minor who is not his or her child, a consent letter still has to be obtained from the parents of the child. This is strictly due to security reasons because it has often been seen that children get abducted by people posing to be their relatives.

To get a document for traveling with a minor, first a consent letter has to be written and signed, preferably by both the parents. In case the parents are separated, at least one parent, with custody of the child, has to sign the letter. Then the letter has to be signed and stamped by a notary. This is a crucial step because without it, anyone can write and stamp the letter. A travel consent form should also be filled out by the parties and it states who the child is traveling with and that the parents give their full approval. Getting it stamped by the notary implies that the letter has been reviewed and the identity of the person signing the letter has been established without a doubt. It is ideal to make a copy of the notarized letter – one to be handed over to the authorities in the airport if they ask for it and the copy to be kept for personal records.

In case the child is not well, and in case of a serious health ailment, a certificate should also be obtained from the doctor. Sometimes, signs of illness are too obvious and parents, while traveling with their children are often stopped and questioned whether the child is fit for a long distance travel. They are often made to wait unless a doctor reexamines them and issues a certificate, giving their approval for the travel. The certificate from the doctor operates as his consent for the parents to travel with the child. A consent letter from the doctor will prevent all these hassles. The certificate should have the stamp and seal of the hospital as well as that of a notary to make it completely fool proof and to make the travel enjoyable.

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How to Get a Marriage License in Canada

Getting married is all about committing to a relationship for life and there are a lot of emotions involved in it. However, apart from all of that, there are certain legal aspects to be taken care of as well. One of those is to get a marriage license. In Canada, it is important to get a marriage certificate or a marriage license under the Solemnization of Marriage Act. Same Sex Marriage has been made legal in Canada in 2005 and a certificate is required for those marriages as well. However, the certificates are state specific- meaning that a license taken out in Ontario is valid only in Ontario and the couple will not be able to get married in any other state. They have to apply to the municipal office in the territory and wait till the certificate is provided to get married.

The authority who will grant the marriage certificate looks into various things before it is granted. One of them is the age of the couple. If they are getting married with parental consent, then it is possible to get a license as early as when they are sixteen or seventeen years. Again, even apart from verbal permission, a written consent letter is asked for in certain states. Individuals below sixteen years are not usually allowed to marry unless of course in cases of emergency or due to teenage pregnancy. Without parental consent, the age limit is pushed up to eighteen or nineteen years, as the requirement of the state may be.

Both partners willing to marry have to visit the local departmental office and apply for the certificate. They have to provide certain documents regarding their identity like birth certificate and age proof, their addresses, their present marital status – whether they have never been married or if they are divorced, or if there has been any prior annulment. Once the marriage license is issued, it has a time span for which it is valid – usually one to three months and so the couple has to be sure about the timings while they are making the preparation. In some cases, marriage documents are not needed if the couple is getting married in a church or in any other religious institution because the marriage is solemnized by the religious head.

In any event, if all the marriage legal documents are in place, there are no hassles in getting a license.

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How and When You Need A Lawyer

A lawyer or an attorney is needed in various walks of life and always for settling legal disputes. Whether there is a litigation problem regarding property, whether there is compensation to be claimed, filing for appeal against charges of crime, separation with spouse, making a will, and innumerable other scenarios ask for the presence of a lawyer. One of the main functions of a lawyer is to draw up a power of attorney. A power of attorney, when issued by an individual, with regards to another person, gives the person all the rights that are stated in the power of attorney. A power of attorney without any limits can make the second person the owner and the decision maker as well, and he can enjoy all the rights and benefits that the person who has issued the power of attorney used to enjoy. Hence, it should be made with utmost discretion and granted only to those on whom you have utmost faith.

Power of Attorney for personal care is made by an individual where he gives up the responsibility of his well being to another person. This can happen in a scenario where an elderly man, who knows that he is suffering from a major diseases, might be in a position he knows he might pass into coma or may become an invalid enough so that he will not be able to look after himself. Someone has to be appointed to take care of him and he can issue a power of attorney, for example, with his daughter’s name, and henceforth, the daughter will be responsible for taking care of him, his medical bills, his diet, housing, hygiene, which hospital he is to go to and all other things pertaining to his personal safety. Usually, it is obvious that when the father becomes ill, the relatives and the children will take care of him, but in families where there are disputes regarding distribution of responsibility, such documents are very necessary.

A lawyer is hence needed to draw up the power of attorney and it is his duty to make it exactly according to specifications. The kind of legal language he uses will be instrumental to prevent any loopholes and a lot depends on the manner in which the language of the power of attorney is framed. Only experienced lawyers should be given the responsibility of making such a document.

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Apostille for International Students

Traveling to another country for work or studies is very simple today, but all the required documents should be in place to make the process easier and without any glitches. In such cases, it is very important for students to have the proper certificates from their respective schools and colleges, migration certificates from the universities, and other documents for personal identity. Although most of the documents are signed and attested by some person of authority, apostille documents makes their credibility higher because these documents are provided a greater validation as the stamp and seal of the notary, for example, is further validated.

It so happens that a document that is considered valid in one country, might not hold as much importance once it has crossed the international borders. Apostille documents are free from such constraints because it is ensured that all the papers have been doubly checked. For a young student who is first stepping out of his country alone to study abroad, this can save a lot of hassle. Authentication of documents is taken very seriously in most countries to prevent the intrusion of anti-social elements who often they often pose as young students to gain entry. With the apostille documents, any doubts pertaining to their identity is removed. Apostille documents are also called Authentication and legalization.

How are Apostille documents to be gained?

  • To gain an apostille document, a student first has to get it stamped from a local notary or a similar person of authority.
  • A letter of authentication from the school or the university can also help. Next, he has to apply to get the apostille document.
  • He will have to present all the documents before the concerned individual and answer a series of questions. Once the officer is satisfied with the answer, he will stamp the document. A separate certificate can also be issued but it depends on the country.
  • In Canada, the process is done very meticulously and any anomaly in the document can also result in cancellation. It is also advisable to take adequate help from someone in the office and to ask for guidance regarding the preparation of documents before presenting it for final approval.
  • A copy of the documents should then be submitted and a copy should be retained for you own personal records.

It can be said that with apostille documents, international students will not face any difficulties internationally as far as paperwork is concerned.

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Advantages of Hiring A Notary Public

A notary public is someone who is authorized to stamp documents and make them valid in the eyes of law. Simply put, without a notary public, our important documents would not be legally valid. Hiring a notary public notary is the simplest way in which you can validate your documents and a notary public takes very less time to go through the review process and stamp your documents. Here are some other advantages of hiring a notary public.

Ease of Entering Contracts: If you have hired a public notary, then you can enter a contract with a lot more ease because his presence and his stamp can clarify any doubts in the mind of the other party with whom you are entering the contract. The role of the public notary does not just end with stamping the documents, he can also act as a valuable witness when documents are signed in his presence and it is another opportunity provided for making the transaction foolproof.

Prevention of Fraudulent Activities: By hiring a notary public, you can be sure that most kinds of fraudulent activities can be avoided because they are trained to notice scams and discrepancies in documents that might escape the eye of a layman. By asking a notary to go through a contract, it is possible that through their experience, they would be able to point out loopholes and that can be tremendously beneficial to you in the long run. Moreover, notaries do not simply sign and stamp any document- they ask the parties for the requisite ID as proof and ask questions to determine the identity and the intention of the person.

On Location Services: Another extremely important benefit to be availed by hiring public notary is that one does not always have to travel with all the important documents. Yes, stationary notaries, who work from their office, have been the conventional ones, but there are lots of others who go to the location preferred by the clients, which might be his home or office, and at his designated time. They might charge a little extra, but that is totally worthwhile in exchange of the immense amount of time and hassle you save. Mobile notary public signing services in Toronto has become extremely popular for this reason, because Toronto, being a fast paced city, always have people rushing from one corner to the other. Mobile notaries travel to the clients and get the work done, without any hassle.

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