5 Steps in Getting a Canadian Passport Renewal Application from Abroad

Making sure that you fit the Canadian passport requirements while renewing your passport abroad may indeed be tough. The Canadian government has gone on to simplify this entire process. All you need to do is follow the next few steps mentioned here to make that passport renewal all too easy abroad and not worry so much.

You don’t have to spend dollars and travel back to Canada to get the renewal done. You do need 2 passport sized photographs and then need to visit a passport office with the old passport (it should be valid till the date). You need to know that the rules for expired passports is a lot different and you also do not have to hunt guarantors or even submit proof of citizenship.

Here are some steps you need to take to make sure the Canadian passport renewal is done effortless and hassle free:

  1. You should download the PPTC040 application form before you renew your passport while staying abroad. You should fill the necessary fields and give references and an address history.
  2. If you do not have a guarantor, don’t fret over it. You must fill in another form that is available at the local embassy or consulate. This form cannot be downloaded. This form requires you to furnish, 5 years of employment or education history. You need to provide the company or the school name along with the communication details such as the phone number. You also need to provide your address history for the last 5 years. After this, provide 2 references who know you and these cannot be family members.
  3. Get new photos and furnish your birth certificate. You should wait till you get a file number on your application after you have applied for your passport renewal.
  4. Have some cash in hand as chances are that you need to pay in cash for the renewal so keep that handy.
  5. Finally, get to the nearest Canadian embassy in the city or the town you are in a different country. After you have furnished all the documents required and mentioned before, you need to take a receipt and then choose the option of mail or physical carriage of your passport from the consulate itself. The processing times vary from 2 to 3 weeks and you pay extra for speedy delivery just in case you choose to do so. When in doubt do not hesitate to call the embassy or even send an email to concerned authorities.

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What is a Notary Service and the Role They Play?

If you are approaching a notary rest assured that this public officer shall certify and attest the legal documents such as a deed and enable you to finalize legal proceedings. He or she also takes affidavits from you. A notary will take depositions and present any such terms in a legal relationship. He or she can sign documents and thereafter place those in a UPS box and then label it with a UPS label. Often they have the most significant job in hand in a legal proceeding.

The notary’s stamp and signature is must when you are sending off legal documents for any transaction or deal. Without a proper notary signature your deal may not be finalized and considered legal. There are many Toronto notary services that also allow you to have mobile notary services on the go. If your documents reach the state without the notary’s seal of approval, your transaction are not considered valid. You have to then resign all over again and send for evaluation.

There are many ways of selecting a notary. There are companies who take responsibility of finding a notary for you in a given area for a particular cost. This applies if you don’t want to search for a notary yourself. There are many notaries who work in the area at a low cost and this should help you decide on which one.

Some notaries are mobile and do not have an office at all, while some have offices and are also mobile. They come over to you instead and may bring a witness to the transaction done. If you sign your mortgage or is paying off debts, a notary’s seal or sign is invaluable. These services often are provided by vendor companies, while many also have some notaries working on their payrolls for expediting each case with speed.

Many of these notaries also sign valuable documents for use outside of the country and travel too. There are plenty of mobile notary services that offer you speedy service at the click of a button or a phone call. You can choose to find their contacts from clients or even through the internet. Some agencies too could be of help in these matters most of the time.

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What Do You Do While Making a Will in Canada?

If you are in Canada, there are a set of rules that define making a will in the event of death. Dying without a will in Canada is not without its share of troubles. You cannot quickly assume that since a partner dies, the property automatically passes on to the spouse. This can only happen in a situation where there is joint ownership of assets or the right of survivorship has been previously accorded to the spouse. This again may not be the case in the province of Quebec.

If you die without a will in Canada, chances of you having died “intestate” is high. This means, the provincial government will decide in your absence how your property should be divided and among who. Each of the provinces in Canada has a separate set in “intestacy” rules that may define your estate’s beneficiaries and what each will receive.

However, the situation is much better if you make a will in Canada. With a little preparation and counseling, you can write your will and it is not at all expensive as you think. Here are a few things you should remember before making a will in Canada:

  1. You need to choose a correct set of people that will be party to your will. These include, your children, their guardian if the children are minors and other beneficiaries. You need to consult and bring these people together when you sign your will.
  2. Choose your executor wisely and make sure the overseer or the executor, many a time a spouse, is aware of your will. It is a wise idea to have a spouse named as an executor. This way if you have children who are minors, you can entrust their care in his or her hands.
  3. Make sure the guardian is rightly selected. This person in any way shall take care of your children and that in itself warrants you to ask important questions such as: Where and how the children should be taken care of? Whether the guardian should stay close to your family along with what the beliefs of this individual are since being entrusted with so much authority. The guardian also should be someone who works in close association with the executor of the will. You have to be wise and clever at deciding that in your lifetime.
  4. Choosing the right payout age is also very crucial for you. The future of your children depends on this. In several states, the payout age varies from 18 years to 25.

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Some Facts About International Fingerprinting Services

There are many international fingerprinting services Canada available, especially the biometrics scanning that immigration authorities undertake at airports dealing with international passengers. Fingerprints are patterns that are formed on a human finger due to the presence of sweat pores. These prints are a successful means of identification and are unique with a high longevity. By touching an object merely, you can transfer your hand print to the surface of the object. These can be picked up by sensors and can be observed and carefully analyzed before finding the right match for each print.

Each of the human fingerprints are unique and no two are alike. In cases of theft or even burglary and serious crime, fingerprints can help law enforcement authorities to get the suspects. There is a dedicated fingerprints analysis team that carries out research over items that have been touched and tampered with. They can then locate, process and capture thereby preserving the evidence as a case against a witness or criminal.

Most samples are kept in preserved and never compromised form. The fingerprinting samples are kept in isolation and are never publicly brought out. Confidentiality is maintained till the last minute. Each case is dealt with individually. Fingerprinting analysis in Canada is a well-documented profession and its study are also integrated with other disciplines. There are close associations with other analysis teams such as the DNA analysis team. Fingerprinting is just not about crimes and criminals but these very identification marks are kept aside as a database for travelers and passengers across the world who travel in and out of various countries.

The fingerprinting and biometric devices are useful devices that safely preserves the details of travelers and immigrants. For countries in Europe and the Americas, this fingerprinting database is huge and is necessary for all those who travel to these countries. A qualified fingerprinting technician is very useful and prudent in dealing with records of individuals. Fingerprints can be of hands and soles of feet along with the surfaces of toes as well. If you touch as object, chances are that you have left fingerprints because of a sweaty palm. Forensics have their own way of finding prints. They often use dyes and chemicals or lasers. Fingerprints are now used by immigration authorities in airports and ports to replace passwords and ID cards. The access to various buildings is now through this forensic technique only. Entry is thus carefully restricted between two countries.

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5 Steps to Getting a Canadian Permanent Resident Application Done

If you apply for a Permanent Resident Card in Canada, it is in fact the proof of your status of being a permanent resident of Canada and is one step closer to being a full citizen of Canada. In case you are traveling out of Canada and are returning to Canada by plane and train, bus or boat, the PR card or the Permanent Resident Card is your ticket to enter the country officially.

If you have sent an application for a Permanent Resident Card in Canada, you then need to check your mail when the status has already been accorded to you. Before you embark on the process of getting a new card, you should fill in the necessary details to apply for a renewal. Also, if your Card is set to expire, you should renew only when there is a period of 6 months remaining so that the renewal is done through a seamless transition.

There are 5 crucial Things you need to think about before you apply for a PR:

  1. Check your eligibility status and must have permanent residence in Canada. You also need to be present physically in Canada when you apply for this Card. There should be no removal order in your name when you apply for PR.
  2. You should not be registered as an Indian under the Indian Act, there should be no criminal record addressed in your name. If you are outside of Canada, you can still obtain a travel document from the Canadian embassy and then when the card has been dispatched, you should be present at the handing over.
  3. A copy of your previous PR card is also needed along with documents such as your passport, identity proofs and a certificate of identity issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Canada or a foreign country. You also need secondary identification documents such as a driver’s license and a photo identity card.
  4. Finally, if you have your income tax statements, those are required too for a PR application. Your proof of residence along with 3 forms need to be submitted after being filled out. These forms include, the Supplementary Identification Form, a receipt of the online payment and the Application for the PR Card itself.
  5. Finally, remember to pay the application fees after the submission of the forms and that can be done through a bank or even through cash.

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