Apostille for International Students

Traveling to another country for work or studies is very simple today, but all the required documents should be in place to make the process easier and without any glitches. In such cases, it is very important for students to have the proper certificates from their respective schools and colleges, migration certificates from the universities, and other documents for personal identity. Although most of the documents are signed and attested by some person of authority, apostille documents makes their credibility higher because these documents are provided a greater validation as the stamp and seal of the notary, for example, is further validated.

It so happens that a document that is considered valid in one country, might not hold as much importance once it has crossed the international borders. Apostille documents are free from such constraints because it is ensured that all the papers have been doubly checked. For a young student who is first stepping out of his country alone to study abroad, this can save a lot of hassle. Authentication of documents is taken very seriously in most countries to prevent the intrusion of anti-social elements who often they often pose as young students to gain entry. With the apostille documents, any doubts pertaining to their identity is removed. Apostille documents are also called Authentication and legalization.

How are Apostille documents to be gained?

  • To gain an apostille document, a student first has to get it stamped from a local notary or a similar person of authority.
  • A letter of authentication from the school or the university can also help. Next, he has to apply to get the apostille document.
  • He will have to present all the documents before the concerned individual and answer a series of questions. Once the officer is satisfied with the answer, he will stamp the document. A separate certificate can also be issued but it depends on the country.
  • In Canada, the process is done very meticulously and any anomaly in the document can also result in cancellation. It is also advisable to take adequate help from someone in the office and to ask for guidance regarding the preparation of documents before presenting it for final approval.
  • A copy of the documents should then be submitted and a copy should be retained for you own personal records.

It can be said that with apostille documents, international students will not face any difficulties internationally as far as paperwork is concerned.

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