The Importance of Notarizing Legal Documents

Notarization is a very important process of validating your important legal documents. Notarization is especially needed for documents like mortgage of property against a loan, business contract and so on to name a few. Notarization of documents means signing the document by a government authorized personnel who act as a third party, impartial witness as the representative of the government. A notarized document is recognized by the government as well as the court of law as authentic, if signed by the notary public. Like every where else in the world, notary is recognized in Canada as well and notarization of documents in Canada is done by the notary public Canada only, like every where else world wide.

What is notarization of document?

If you are new to the concept of notarization, let me explain it in brief. Notarization of documents in Canada, or anywhere else for that matter is done to ensure that the document is valid. For instance if you take a loan against your property by mortgaging it and have a written contract signed by you and the lender, the lender can allege in future that the signature is forged or that the lender has been threatened to sign. A notarized deed on the other hand would mean that both you and the lender have signed the document voluntarily in the presence of the government representative, who is an impartial and third party witness to the process, and hence neither you nor the lender would be able to deny the contract. Notarization is validating such a document with the signature as well as the stamp of a notary public Canada.

The services offered by notary public office in Canada

Apart from and along with notarization, there are other services offered by notary public offices in Canada as well like affidavit, administration of oaths and so on, to name a few. Presently the service of mobile notary is also offered by government authorized notary personnel and offices. Mobile notary means providing notary services to your convenient location, instead of you having to visit the notary office for the services. You can find a notary public office near you with the help of the Internet or you can search the yellow pages as well. Just make sure that the notary public office is government approved as well as authentic.

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The Many Benefits of Mobile Notary Services

The concept of mobile notary public service is quite new but nevertheless has become extremely popular worldwide. Like everywhere else in the world, you would find mobile notary services in Toronto as well. The mobile notary or a house call lawyer is especially beneficial to those people who cannot go out to public notary offices or do not have the time to travel to a notary public office to get their documents notarized. The people or individuals who offer mobile notary services are authorized to do so by the government too, like the notary public offices are authorized by the government and hence you can safely opt for mobile notary services  instead of notary public  signing services, in the notary’s office.

What is notary service?

To understand the concept of traveling notary services, you would first need to understand the concept of notary. A person who can notarize is an individual that has been authorized by the government to act as a representative where the presence of such a person is needed, like for administering oaths, validating important documents, being an impartial witness and so on. Amongst the above mentioned functions, the most common and most used function of a notary is validating different kinds of documents, specifically property documents, loan documents and so on, to name a few. Usually these validating of documents have to be done by visiting a government authorized notary public office. But at present, you can also opt for the traveling notary services.

Things You Should Know About Mobile Notary Public Services

You can find people authorized to provide mobile notary Toronto through the Internet or through the yellow pages as well. But you should know that mobile notary fees a little more than if you visit a notary public office to get your work done. This is for the simple reason that you would be getting your work done without having to go anywhere. The mobile notary personnel can go any place as per your requirements, i.e. you can get notary done in your home or office or anywhere else. While this is especially beneficial for the elderly and people who are unable to travel, this service can be utilized by anyone.

Even though the charges are a little on the higher sides it would not be anything that would cause you huge expense. Hence you can safely opt for mobile notary in Toronto, without any worries.

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How to Get a Criminal Background Check Done?

Criminal background check has become all the more important in the present times when crimes are on a rise worldwide. Today, all companies get a thorough background check done before employing any person and the background check includes criminal background check as well. It is also needed in case of granting visa to a country or giving passports to any individuals and in numerous other many cases. There are many companies and firms that specialize in doing such criminal background verifications. You would find such firms everywhere world wide and in Canada too. If you need to do a criminal background check Canada, you should find one such firm and it would make the job much easier for you.

How to find a firm that provides criminal background check services

There are ways by which you can check for the criminal background of an individual all by yourself. There are many websites that would offer you all the information that you would need. But this can be done if you have only one individual in mind whose criminal background check you would have to do. But in case of large companies that want criminal background check done for the people they hire, this can be difficult since the number of people is high. In such cases hiring the services of firms or companies offering criminal background check Ontario is extremely useful. You would be able to find such companies and firms with the help of the Internet or through recommendations of people. Just make sure the firm or company you choose to hire for criminal record check Canada does the work legally.

Go the legal way when checking an individual’s criminal background

There are many ways to go about criminal background check Canada. Most reputed companies and firms that offer services of criminal Background check Ontario, do so legally with the help of RCMP screenings, detailed report from the RCMP and so on. But there are illegal ways of getting your hands on the records of criminal background of an individual as well. If you go about the illegal way and you are caught, you too would have a criminal record in future. Hence it is important that you trust only a reputed and registered company or firm offering services of criminal record check Canada. Make sure you take some time to review providers and choose only from the best private service providers.

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Know About the Application Processes of Canada Passport

It is extremely important to have a passport at present times. It is not only a necessary travel document that you would require when traveling to any foreign country but it is also an important identity document. With the heightened security world wide, you have to have a passport now for traveling to places where you could have done with just a valid identity proof even a few decades back. Every country in the world has their individual different parameters that you would need to fulfill to get a passport. It is no different when applying for a passport in Canada. To get a passport in Canada you should apply with ample time in your hands.

How to go about applying for passports in Canada?

There are three ways to go about applying for a passport in Canada. One is by applying for the passport upfront by visiting the passport office, second is by mailing in your application and the third is taking the help of the agent. Each different way has its own pros and cons. If you have the time and want to save money, you can directly visit the passport office in Canada to apply for your passport. Canada passport applications received in this way usually takes at least two weeks to be processed and then there is the delivery time. Application for passport Canada by mail is only beneficial to those who do not have the time to visit the office personally and neither wants to spend money on agents. But be warned that this Canada passport applications can take up to ten weeks to process.

The third and the fastest way to get your passport in Canada is to hire the services of an agent. It might cost you a little more than what you would have had to pay if you applied directly, but if you are in a hurry to get your passport and do not want to go through all the hassles, this is the best way.

Find a good firm or company that offers passport services in Canada

Find a good, reputed and authentic firm or company that offers passport services, from submitting the Application for passport Canada to delivering the passport to you. You can then concentrate on your work worry free since your passport would be delivered to you without you having to go through the hassles.

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All You Need to Know About Affidavit by Notary Public

There are certain legal matters that have to be verified and validated by notary public offices. Notary are people who have been assigned by the government as representatives of the government to perform certain tasks like administering oaths, validating documents and being impartial witnesses. The notary public services are at present offered in two ways, one is the traditional way whereby you have to visit the notary public office to get your work done and another one is a new way of requesting mobile notary. Mobile notary is the option of having the notary services offered in your convenient location, like your home or office. The services provided by notary offices and personnel also include legal affidavits.

What are affidavits?

If you are wondering what exactly affidavits are, let me give you a brief explanation. Affidavits are declaration of facts by individuals known as deponents and affiants. This declaration of fact can be on anything like a financial statement or a statement of heirship. The affidavit statement is then signed by the affiant or the deponent in the presence of a witness, to verify the signature of the deponent or the affiant as the affidavit statement. This witness needs to be a taker of oaths, like the notary public. The document when signed by the notary is deemed to be authentic and would be recognized by the court of law and the government of the country.

The Things You Should Know About Affidavits

  • Legal affidavits are extremely important documents and hence need to be written and formatted extremely carefully.
  • There is a format that is accepted by government and the court of law, whereby the document should start with a header, which should have the subject of the affidavit document.
  • Next would be the statement of deed or facts that would include the details about the affiant or the deponent as well as the statement of the deed and lastly there would be the footer where the affiant and the notary public would sign.

To get affidavit from notary public done you do not have to put in much effort. Any good notary public services offering firm would get all the work done for you and all you would need to do is read through the document and sign.

You can also choose to get mobile affidavit from notary public in case you have time constraint and cannot travel to the office.

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