Why you should Take Fingerprints under Supervision of a Qualified Person

Fingerprint analyses are important in various avenues of life and they are one of the major methods behind criminal investigation. However, in contemporary scenario, taking fingerprints is not just restricted to the criminal world. There are lots of reasons behind common men taking their fingerprints and getting them analyzed and one of them is to prevent any kind of forgery. However, taking fingerprints is not as easy as it sounds. To a layman, it just might seem placing the fingers on a scanner, but there is so much more to it. So it should always be done under the supervision of a qualified individual.

Why are qualified supervisors important while taking fingerprints?

To start with, a qualified person would tell you the rules and regulations of taking fingerprints. He will refuse to have it done in case there are tattoos on the fingers or with any kind of piercings on. Injury to the fingers, where the outer dermis has been affected, has to be healed completely before the fingerprints are to be taken. In case of a permanent injury, a separate certificate is issued that states the nature of the injury and how it has affected the fingerprints.

All of these are very crucial aspects which only an experienced person will be able to help you with. Even while placing the fingers under the scanner, there is a particular method of doing so. The pressure should not be too light so that the scanner cannot register them nor too much, so that they get blurred from excess pressure. If needed, an experienced person will ask for another scan if he is not satisfied with the results. The fingers should not be placed too close to one another or too far apart and the thumb often gets neglected, which can be corrected under the inspection of a qualified individual.

Digital fingerprinting services in Canada usually recruit people who have had experience in the forensics or similar field so that they understand and appreciate the true nature and gravity of the scenario. They will also help in the generation of the final certificate and this can be crucial in scenarios where a prospective employer might want a criminal background check because of recruitment to a job of sensitive or extremely responsible nature. Be sure that in case such a need arises, always seek a qualified person for the taking fingerprints. At Notarizers, we have qualified fingerprinting supervisors who can always assist you.

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