How to get Required Documents For Travel With Minors

In Canada, authorities are very particular about documents and authentication because they are very strict about upholding the laws of the country. In case of traveling with minors, some documents are required to be in place. Any person under the legal age of eighteen is considered a minor in Canada and if he or she is traveling all alone, then they need consent letter from their parents. In case an adult is traveling with a minor who is not his or her child, a consent letter still has to be obtained from the parents of the child. This is strictly due to security reasons because it has often been seen that children get abducted by people posing to be their relatives.

To get a document for traveling with a minor, first a consent letter has to be written and signed, preferably by both the parents. In case the parents are separated, at least one parent, with custody of the child, has to sign the letter. Then the letter has to be signed and stamped by a notary. This is a crucial step because without it, anyone can write and stamp the letter. A travel consent form should also be filled out by the parties and it states who the child is traveling with and that the parents give their full approval. Getting it stamped by the notary implies that the letter has been reviewed and the identity of the person signing the letter has been established without a doubt. It is ideal to make a copy of the notarized letter – one to be handed over to the authorities in the airport if they ask for it and the copy to be kept for personal records.

In case the child is not well, and in case of a serious health ailment, a certificate should also be obtained from the doctor. Sometimes, signs of illness are too obvious and parents, while traveling with their children are often stopped and questioned whether the child is fit for a long distance travel. They are often made to wait unless a doctor reexamines them and issues a certificate, giving their approval for the travel. The certificate from the doctor operates as his consent for the parents to travel with the child. A consent letter from the doctor will prevent all these hassles. The certificate should have the stamp and seal of the hospital as well as that of a notary to make it completely fool proof and to make the travel enjoyable.

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