How and When You Need A Lawyer

A lawyer or an attorney is needed in various walks of life and always for settling legal disputes. Whether there is a litigation problem regarding property, whether there is compensation to be claimed, filing for appeal against charges of crime, separation with spouse, making a will, and innumerable other scenarios ask for the presence of a lawyer. One of the main functions of a lawyer is to draw up a power of attorney. A power of attorney, when issued by an individual, with regards to another person, gives the person all the rights that are stated in the power of attorney. A power of attorney without any limits can make the second person the owner and the decision maker as well, and he can enjoy all the rights and benefits that the person who has issued the power of attorney used to enjoy. Hence, it should be made with utmost discretion and granted only to those on whom you have utmost faith.

Power of Attorney for personal care is made by an individual where he gives up the responsibility of his well being to another person. This can happen in a scenario where an elderly man, who knows that he is suffering from a major diseases, might be in a position he knows he might pass into coma or may become an invalid enough so that he will not be able to look after himself. Someone has to be appointed to take care of him and he can issue a power of attorney, for example, with his daughter’s name, and henceforth, the daughter will be responsible for taking care of him, his medical bills, his diet, housing, hygiene, which hospital he is to go to and all other things pertaining to his personal safety. Usually, it is obvious that when the father becomes ill, the relatives and the children will take care of him, but in families where there are disputes regarding distribution of responsibility, such documents are very necessary.

A lawyer is hence needed to draw up the power of attorney and it is his duty to make it exactly according to specifications. The kind of legal language he uses will be instrumental to prevent any loopholes and a lot depends on the manner in which the language of the power of attorney is framed. Only experienced lawyers should be given the responsibility of making such a document.

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