Why you should think about making a will in Canada

If you are a resident of Canada and you have some property in your name, then it is best that you should make a will so that after your death, there is no dispute regarding how the property would be distributed amongst your children and relatives. Dying without making a will in Ontario means that the person has died Intestate. This is a controversial term and depending upon the state, there are certain nuances that differ. However, by and large, it means that the assets and property of the deceased person are distributed by the state and the authorities decide how and to whom they are going to be distributed. This is quite different from the common notion that if a person dies without a will, by default, it passes on to their spouse and children. On the contrary, in Canada, the property can pass on to the spouse only if they were joint owners and he or she has the right of survivorship.

So in case a person has any wish or desire to leave a portion of their property to a charitable organization, or to a person not directly related to the family but just because there was some deep emotional bond down the line, or to debtors as the balance of previous debts, unless all of this is stated in the will, duly stamped and signed by the notary, they will not be executed. Once the authorities take up the distribution of properties, a portion of it does go to the spouse and children, but even then there might be problems in the case of non- traditional families, or where the person had married twice and there are children from both the marriages. In fact, not making a will can also mean that the beneficiaries would also have to pay extra fine, not to mention that they might also have to enter a litigation, paying for it from their pockets- something they are definitely not going to thank their mother or father for. Adhering to the norms of the state is a must for the proper distribution of assets in almost all the states of Canada.

So if you are a resident of Canada, and you know you have people you want to hand over the property to, then it is best to make a will so that the assets reach the right hands. Contact Notarizers today for your wills.

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