The Importance of Notarizing Legal Documents

Notarization is a very important process of validating your important legal documents. Notarization is especially needed for documents like mortgage of property against a loan, business contract and so on to name a few. Notarization of documents means signing the document by a government authorized personnel who act as a third party, impartial witness as the representative of the government. A notarized document is recognized by the government as well as the court of law as authentic, if signed by the notary public. Like every where else in the world, notary is recognized in Canada as well and notarization of documents in Canada is done by the notary public Canada only, like every where else world wide.

What is notarization of document?

If you are new to the concept of notarization, let me explain it in brief. Notarization of documents in Canada, or anywhere else for that matter is done to ensure that the document is valid. For instance if you take a loan against your property by mortgaging it and have a written contract signed by you and the lender, the lender can allege in future that the signature is forged or that the lender has been threatened to sign. A notarized deed on the other hand would mean that both you and the lender have signed the document voluntarily in the presence of the government representative, who is an impartial and third party witness to the process, and hence neither you nor the lender would be able to deny the contract. Notarization is validating such a document with the signature as well as the stamp of a notary public Canada.

The services offered by notary public office in Canada

Apart from and along with notarization, there are other services offered by notary public offices in Canada as well like affidavit, administration of oaths and so on, to name a few. Presently the service of mobile notary is also offered by government authorized notary personnel and offices. Mobile notary means providing notary services to your convenient location, instead of you having to visit the notary office for the services. You can find a notary public office near you with the help of the Internet or you can search the yellow pages as well. Just make sure that the notary public office is government approved as well as authentic.

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