All You Need to Know About Affidavit by Notary Public

There are certain legal matters that have to be verified and validated by notary public offices. Notary are people who have been assigned by the government as representatives of the government to perform certain tasks like administering oaths, validating documents and being impartial witnesses. The notary public services are at present offered in two ways, one is the traditional way whereby you have to visit the notary public office to get your work done and another one is a new way of requesting mobile notary. Mobile notary is the option of having the notary services offered in your convenient location, like your home or office. The services provided by notary offices and personnel also include legal affidavits.

What are affidavits?

If you are wondering what exactly affidavits are, let me give you a brief explanation. Affidavits are declaration of facts by individuals known as deponents and affiants. This declaration of fact can be on anything like a financial statement or a statement of heirship. The affidavit statement is then signed by the affiant or the deponent in the presence of a witness, to verify the signature of the deponent or the affiant as the affidavit statement. This witness needs to be a taker of oaths, like the notary public. The document when signed by the notary is deemed to be authentic and would be recognized by the court of law and the government of the country.

The Things You Should Know About Affidavits

  • Legal affidavits are extremely important documents and hence need to be written and formatted extremely carefully.
  • There is a format that is accepted by government and the court of law, whereby the document should start with a header, which should have the subject of the affidavit document.
  • Next would be the statement of deed or facts that would include the details about the affiant or the deponent as well as the statement of the deed and lastly there would be the footer where the affiant and the notary public would sign.

To get affidavit from notary public done you do not have to put in much effort. Any good notary public services offering firm would get all the work done for you and all you would need to do is read through the document and sign.

You can also choose to get mobile affidavit from notary public in case you have time constraint and cannot travel to the office.

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