5 Steps to Getting a Canadian Permanent Resident Application Done

If you apply for a Permanent Resident Card in Canada, it is in fact the proof of your status of being a permanent resident of Canada and is one step closer to being a full citizen of Canada. In case you are traveling out of Canada and are returning to Canada by plane and train, bus or boat, the PR card or the Permanent Resident Card is your ticket to enter the country officially.

If you have sent an application for a Permanent Resident Card in Canada, you then need to check your mail when the status has already been accorded to you. Before you embark on the process of getting a new card, you should fill in the necessary details to apply for a renewal. Also, if your Card is set to expire, you should renew only when there is a period of 6 months remaining so that the renewal is done through a seamless transition.

There are 5 crucial Things you need to think about before you apply for a PR:

  1. Check your eligibility status and must have permanent residence in Canada. You also need to be present physically in Canada when you apply for this Card. There should be no removal order in your name when you apply for PR.
  2. You should not be registered as an Indian under the Indian Act, there should be no criminal record addressed in your name. If you are outside of Canada, you can still obtain a travel document from the Canadian embassy and then when the card has been dispatched, you should be present at the handing over.
  3. A copy of your previous PR card is also needed along with documents such as your passport, identity proofs and a certificate of identity issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Canada or a foreign country. You also need secondary identification documents such as a driver’s license and a photo identity card.
  4. Finally, if you have your income tax statements, those are required too for a PR application. Your proof of residence along with 3 forms need to be submitted after being filled out. These forms include, the Supplementary Identification Form, a receipt of the online payment and the Application for the PR Card itself.
  5. Finally, remember to pay the application fees after the submission of the forms and that can be done through a bank or even through cash.

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