Pertinent Questions Regarding Statutory Declaration Canada Answered

One of the major requirements of an overseas travel with an extended stay or trade is that some documents should have legal witness. For that reason, there are several agencies and individuals entrusted with the responsibility of making the process easier and give the citizens a chance to get their documents notarized. These agencies and persons are called the notaries or notarization agencies. They witness the authenticity of the documents and certify that it is correct and original from all aspects. Documents are not always the most reliable when they are submitted. Where forgery is so rampant, people have ample options to get hold of a fake document for a specific purpose.

Introduction to Statutory Declarations in Toronto, Canada

Statutory declaration is one where the truthfulness of a document or a statement is solemnly declared to be right and complete. Where affidavits are more likely used in court proceedings, statutory declarations have wider mass appeal. Evidence given under oath has similar implications as a statutory declaration. When it comes to statutory declaration Ontario is no different from the rest of Canada. The notary doesn’t accept that the statement is true, rather acknowledges that the declarations have properly been administered. Many people notarize their statutory declaration of identity before a Notary Public who authenticates the statement by putting his signature and seal on the written statement to witness it.

Cases of Implementations

Some major cases of statutory declaration Canada experiences are related to the process of loans. For instance when a person stands as a guarantor for another person, the declaration needs notarization. Only when a Notary public witnesses it would the solemn statement become a legally binding oath. Similarly, when a citizen of Canada loses his or her passport or a passport gets stolen or damaged, a statutory declaration is required. In addition to that, if the passport becomes inaccessible, such as, someone forcibly withholds it, a statutory declaration is essential. Another case where the process comes in handy is for Common Law Unions.

Importance and involvement

Some of the individuals or firms authorized to act as notaries apart from the Notary Public, are barristers, solicitors, lawyers, etc. Every area should have a notary who does all the pertinent tasks. Property ownerships and transfers, checks on criminal records, statistic documents in original and various degrees and diplomas all require the seal of authenticity from a notary to be accepted in many places. When looking for a notary to witness a statutory declaration, it is best to do a little homework and choose an individual or agency with some reputation.

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