Notarization Services in Canada And Its Benefits Evaluated

Certificates and documents of legal importance always require the sanctified authorization of the law to have universal acceptance. Most of the time people who need to submit documents to government agencies or for employment purposes need their documents and certificates notarized. For this, governments across the world instituted the system of notarization. Under this framework, a notary, a person authorized to act on behalf of the administration of government, undertakes to guarantee the authenticity of the documents and assure the reader of the validity of the same. The notary is responsible to witness the signing of contracts and authenticating the correctness of the process as well.

Persons Authorized to Notarize Documents

When a notary is engaged to witness the signature of any person, they sign the document and place their seal to certify the veracity of their involvement. With this, the notary becomes responsible for the actual document they notarize. In Canada, notarization is undertaken by people who have the authority by means of the position they hold:

1. Notary Public

2. Lawyer

3. Barrister

4. Solicitor

While certain professionals have the right to certify and attest to the veracity of some documents when applying to government agencies, most of the documents to be produced or used overseas require a proper notarization from the above mentioned persons or specific notarization agencies.

Major Documents Notarized

Some of the main documents that agencies providing notarization services certify are concerned with all walks of the life of a person. Right from the birth certificates, adoption papers to all the documentation relating to marriage and divorce, all require proper notarization. Property ownership documents require proper authorization from a notary just as in the case of admission papers and transcripts of college, university or school admissions, especially in case of overseas education. Import, export and trade documents over the borders require proper notarization to be accepted in another country. Most of the contracts, government documents and certificates used in customs need a notary to witness them.

Services That Accompany Notarization

Notaries have expanded their repertoire of services and even offer long distance services to their clients. Many individuals use the help of notaries to gain character certificates as well as clearance certificates in the case of criminal records. Some of the major agencies offering notarization of documents in North York, Toronto, Canada are known for their excellent record of delivering documents on time and with perfect documents as well. Most of the countries across the world have such a system that makes it easier to get hold of the services and keep communication and transfer of information open across borders.

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