Role of Notary in Making Legal Wills in Canada

Any kind of legal document is not really complete unless it has the stamp of the government of the state and this is precisely what the notary has to do. A notary is a person authorized by the government of a state, province or country to stamp letters, wills, birth certificates or any other kind of legal document and issue the certificate. In Canada the role of the notary public is extensive. He is given full responsibility of checking documents, and especially wills, for authenticity, going through the identity of the person to see if he is genuine and the person who is signing the document, cataloguing the certificate and finally handing it over to the signer.

It should be said that in Canada, the person aspiring to be a notary has to go through tremendous training and preparation to finally qualify for the job. He can also learn how to prepare wills and will preparation needs a lot of study. This is because their job entails that they know all the details about some of the laws of the state that pertain to the documents they notarize and the various clauses and sub clauses of such documents. They ensure that all the points of the will are included and the adequate fees have been paid by the parties. They are people of intense integrity and they are not supposed to succumb to any temptation or indulge in any malpractices. They also stay in close touch with the authorities because they have to be informed if they see that any person is trying to pass off a fake will as an original one or is trying to fake his identity.

There have been instances when a person has been coerced and forced to sign a will handing over his property to a party he does not approve of. For this reason, notaries in Canada make it a point to see that the person whose signature appears at the end of the will is physically present before him before he would finally give his seal of approval. Notaries in Canada are also sometimes asked to witness the signing of the will. In that case, the parties that are involved with the will are present in front of the notary and the will is signed in front of him. That definitely makes the work a lot easier because the notary at least does not have to doubt whether the signer is willingly or unwillingly signing the will.

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