Top Four Points Notary Public Toronto Need to Know

A Public Notary is a person authorized by the government of a state or country to oversee matters of legal importance and to give the final seal of approval respecting the authenticity or genuineness of the signature on the document. The role of a notary is extensive. It includes signing and stamping a variety of legal documents like the will, birth and death certificates, power of attorneys, deeds and petitions and anything else that has to be made legal or certified. The signatures in most documents will have no legal significance if the notary does not put his seal on the document. Here are some things that notary public in Toronto, North York, Etobicoke, Scarborough, Mississauga, Brampton, the GTA, Ontario, and Canada needs to know:

1. The notary should check and ensure that the person whose signature is on the document is physically present when the stamp is finally put on the paper. There have been too many reported instances where signatures have been forced out of reluctant people and by just emphasizing the importance of the presence of the individual, such unlawful practices can be curbed to a huge extent.

2. One of the important jobs of notaries is to see that an oath is taken and this is in regards to the fact that the signer claims that all the information provided on the document is correct and that in case if any falsification, he would be subjected to the criminal laws of the state for lying under oath. It is the duty of the notary to see that the oath is properly administered and sworn or affirmed. In some cases, the notary is invited to be a witness to the signing of the document. In that case, the person has to appear before the notary and it is the duty of the notary to establish that the person’s identity is genuine and that the document has no falsification and then issue the certificate.

3. The notary should have a full understanding of the fact that he would be able to identify a false document if it is presented to him and that each and every time he would undertake the same meticulous task of affirming the originality of the document and the authenticity or genuineness of the signature. He should check to ensure that the document is complete and he should be sure to make the record book entry after every notarization procedure. The information concerning the parties and the nature of the document should be catalogued for future references.

4. Lastly, the notary should adhere to every protocol laid out by the government. He should refrain from falling prey to malpractices and should uphold the laws of the state on all occasions.

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