What are Notary Services and Why do You Need Them?

Notary public Toronto is a public officer employed by law to help the public in non-contentious matters which deal with powers-of-attorney, estates and international business. The main function of a notary public is to conduct oath taking sessions, affirmations, accept affidavits and declarations, authenticate certain kinds of documents, conduct acknowledgments of deeds and other conveyances, give notice of foreign drafts, prepare bills and notes of exchange, preparation of ship’s or marine’s protests in incidents of damage, give notarial copies and exemplifications and conduct other official acts according to the jurisdiction of the area. Any act like this or similar ones undertaken by notary services Toronto and elsewhere is called notarization. However, the term notary public is used in reference to common-law notaries only and not civil-law ones.

Notary public Toronto is appointed by the government authorities which includes a court, a regulating body like any society or a lieutenant governor, or a faculty of notaries public. While lay notaries are appointed for a short term, lawyer notaries can be appointed for a lifetime. Official work in any country requires the applicant to furnish documents which are signed in another country or originate from there before they can be used or come to play a legal effect. A notary attests the document by providing a notarial certificate and this stands proof of the execution of the document by the person who makes an appearance before the notary.

One of the main reasons for getting a document notarized is to state that an act of fraudulence is not being conducted. It adds verification and states that the documents have been signed or presented by people who are who they state to be. It is mandatory in many states to present notarized documents for purposes mortgage, deeds, agreements, powers of attorney and the like. Notarized documents are needed for litigations since affidavits which aren’t will not be accepted by any court. If the signer presents notarized documents in court, he or she will not need to testify that they are original and have authentic signature.

Those serving as notary public Toronto need to undergo special training. In certain states notary services can be provided electronically – the notary public here provides a digital signature on the electrical document. However, the signers still have to appear before the notary public and such other fundamental rules still remain applicable.