How to Prepare Your Permanent Residency Papers for Canada?

The PR or permanent resident card is the official document to show that you are a resident of Canada and of the permanent nature. This card has to be shown when entering or leaving or during other legal activities if you stay in Canada or return to it from another country. Immigrants need to show this each time they return to the country by airways, waterways or roads by bus or by rail. The system of application for permanent resident card has been elaborated in simple words below.

  • Make photocopies of all documents that you submit at Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and retain the copies with you. This is particularly needed for scenarios where you might be called for an interview – you will need to know and remember what you mentioned in your application then.
  • When making an application for permanent resident in Canada you need to understand everything that is mentioned in the form and application. Double check to see that you have included all documents needed.
  • Using paper clips to keep your documents and application together but do not staple the pages. There is nothing official about this but general ways of keeping the men who will be handling your papers happy. They will punch a hole in your papers and fasten them together – having to remove a bunch of pins is not something they’ll enjoy doing.
  • It is best if you can send you package through trackable courier. This way, you’ll know when they receive it and this will act as proof.
  • Filling up the form electronically reduces chances of error, so you are better off doing it that way.
  • Do you have something special to mention in your application? Include it in a cover letter.
  • Use extra sheets of paper for any section in which you want to write more and submit it after writing the following on top – name of principal applicant, form number, number of section you are completing in the extra sheet.
  • Above everything else, your passport must not pass its expiry date if you want to get a permanent residency card.
  • Time gaps must be explained with reason – where were you last summer, why did you not spend spring in Canada, etc. Gaps seem suspicious and leave the application incomplete.
  • Tell the truth, how difficult it might be. Fraudulent methods is proven by any means will end up in cancellation of your application completely and will leave a lasting bad impression.