Certified Copy of Document

A notarized copy means a photocopy of an original document that has been certified by a notary public to be an authentic copy of the original document. A notarized copy is sometimes referred to as a certified copy.

A notary public examines the original document that is being certified/notarized and compares the original to the photocopy. The notary public must be satisfied that the photocopy is an authentic copy of the original. If satisfied, the notary public will print a statement on the photocopy, which certifies the photocopy to be a true and an accurate copy of the original document that was presented. The notary public signs the document and embosses a notary public’s seal on the document. The notary public’s signature and seal can later be authenticated by the government for use in a jurisdiction outside Canada.

The certified document acts as an assurance that the photocopy is a true and an accurate copy of the original. It is useful where it is necessary to obtain and use copies of a document rather than use the actual document itself.

We can photocopy the document and certify it as being a true copy of the original, by affixing a signature, seal and statement to that effect on the copy. As a result, the authenticity of the copied document is assured to persons to whom the photocopy of said document is later presented.


  • An original document is a document that is not a copy of a document. A notary public can only certify/notarize copies of original documents and not copies of copies.