All About Statutory Declaration of Identity

Known as ‘statdec’ in short, a statutory declaration of identity is required when there are not adequate documents for proving the identity of refugee or immigrant claimants. The process evolved from the Aden Agreement of 2000 and was codified in the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.

The statutory documents which will help you to confirm your identity are:

  • A guideline to use the statutory declaration
  • The client form
  • The individual or third-party form


A statutory declaration of confirming identity can also be created with help from a reliable organization which will vouch for having prior knowledge about the refugee claimant and will be able to verify his or her identity.

A statutory declaration of identity is a sworn statement. To put it in simple words, it is a statement related to the identity of undocumented refuges who are applying for permanent residency certificates in Canada. The Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) or The Immigration Act requires two sworn declarations for every applicant who is bereft of documents proving his or her identity. One of these has to be from the applicant himself or herself, that is the client. The other one should be from someone who was aware of the applicant’s identity before he or she came to Canada or can be from a reliable organisation who can swear about the applicant’s identity.

However, it does not have to be as complicated as it appears to be. The statutory declaration forms are quite self-explanatory. You can also make a statutory declaration of identity in a way other than this but your documents must fulfil all the requirements mentioned in the Aden judgement. These declarations have to be signed by someone who is authorised by law to administer an oath, such as a notary public, a lawyer or a legal clinic. The IRPA also lists some credible organisations which can sign statutory declarations. If you are feeling nervous, you can simply seek the help of a lawyer and ask for his advice. The papers of statutory declaration of identity do not have to be very formal but should simply convey your story, although it is advisable to have it done professionally. Forms for these declarations are available at legal clinics and also on the internet as PDF files. You can look up samples of filled up forms and papers on the internet before starting to work on yours.

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