All About Travel Permission Letter for Minors

A child under the age of 18, traveling outside Canada or from the U.S. or elsewhere to Canada, must be accompanied by a travel permission letter for minors. This is applicable to any child traveling with one parent or both, grandparent/s or other guardian and other family member or friends. The permission letter must be issued by both parents of the child where the child is travelling without both parents. However, if one of the parents is travelling with the child, only the non-accompanying parent needs to issue the letter. The Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade states that foreign officials keep a strict eye on children who are crossing international borders. Adults traveling with the child need to carry proper identification documents which will be required when entering Canada or other countries where they are going. These documents will also be checked by Canadian authorities when you return to the country with the child.

The main purpose of this travel consent letter Canada is to increase safety of children during traveling and more awareness regarding children’s rights which was raised by the 1980 Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction. This treaty is still in effect when it comes to prevention of child abduction in over 80 countries which includes Canada, Mexico and the United States of America.

Stories of child abduction have not yet diminished from the news and this is why Canadian travelers have been asked to carry their travel permission letter for minors when departing Canada or returning to Canada from elsewhere. Another factor which calls for the need of these documents is health. Medical professionals have been prevented from providing health care facilities to travellers unless presented with proper documents.

Teenage groups leaving Canada for leisure trips and tours also need to furnish the same documents, even if they are going with a school or institute. It applies to sports teams travelling for matches and students going abroad to attend academic programs. The need for such letters is not just limited to land or air travel but apply to cruise journeys as well. Such concerns apply not only to air and land travel, but to cruise travel as well. Canadian Tourism Commission officials, including Canadian customs officers, responsible for inspection of visitors, may ask for a notarized statement from both parents if and when they see that a child under the age of 18 is travelling alone or with adults. In fact, carriers which take children without these papers will be fined.

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