Survivorship Applications

In Ontario, where a home is jointly owned by two people, whether as a result of marriage, common law union, or any other form of relationship, and one of them dies, the surviving spouse or partner automatically becomes the sole owner of the home through the operation of a legal principled called “Right of Survivorship”.

Notwithstanding that the surviving spouse or partner has the Right of Survivorship, he or she is still required to formally remove the name of the deceased spouse or partner from the title to the home so that future dealings with members of the public, government agencies and businesses can proceed without undue interruption. Well, this is simple to imagine. The fact that one of the spouse or partner is dead does not mean that all members of the public, government agencies and the business community are aware of it. Hence, the surviving spouse will continue to encounter delays in their future dealings respecting the home until the name of the late spouse or partner is removed.

Notarizers can prepare and register the Survivorship Application for you. We require a copy of your deed and an original death certificate for the deceased person. If you do not have a copy of the original death certificate, then request a letter from the funeral home that handled the burial.

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