How to Get Legal Documents for Foreign Marriage in Canada

Marriages are made in heaven. You never know what’s on the cards and when you might fall in love and tie the knot. You don’t even know where you will find that person. It might happen so that you visit Canada and meet your soul-mate. Will you not get married? Will that marriage be legally valid in Canada?

Overseas Marriage of Canadian Citizen is Deemed To Be Legal and Valid if They Meet the Following :


  • The marriage is a valid marriage under the laws of the foreign land where it took place.
  • The marriage has same binding legal validity if it occurred in Canada.

In most foreign countries you need to have a foreign marriage certificate to get the permission of such marriage and thus you have the foreign marriage certificate of Non- Impediment. However in Canada you need no such certificates although for safety you can apply for “Statement In-Lieu of Certificate of Non-Impediment to Marriage Abroad”.

Each Application Must be Accompanied by the Following Valid Marriage Legal Documents:


  • Certified copy of your birth-certificate.
  • If you are a person who was born outside Canada, then you need to submit the documents of Canadian citizenship and also the record of your landing form.
  • You have to give a statutory declaration regarding your present marital status.
  • You need to declare the name and the ID proofs of your future spouse.
  • You also need to provide certified copy of birth certificate and record of landing form if any, and citizenship card of your future spouse.
  • If you are a divorced person then submit your divorce certificate or divorce judgement.
  • In case you are a widowed person you need to submit the death certificate of your deceased spouse.

Registration of your marriage and all its legal documents are necessary for having a proper legal effect in Canada. Thus you will after marriage return to Canada and register it with the Canadian domestic law for proper legal validation of your marriage.

Law is very difficult, and it involves loads of specialised ways to give a certain thing its legal effect & validation. When it comes to your marriage you need to be completely sure that all the procedures are done in the proper way.

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