Commissioner of Oath and Notary Public in Canada

There are legal formalities involved when one is thinking about any kind of transaction. The notary public and commissioner of oath play a major role in getting the work done. Both of them play more or less the same role. A document signed and stamped by the commissioner of oath may be submitted or presented to any court whereas one signed by the notary can be presented in almost all kinds of institutions as well as in courts.

The best way of looking for a commissioner of oath or notary public is to look in a court. You can also find them through your bank or your insurance providers because they are mostly needed through these institutions. They will also be able to help you with any information that you might be needing regarding the preparation of any documents because they are perhaps the best informed people regarding what clauses that are need to go into the preparation of a particular kind of document; for example, a will would be different from a power of attorney and vice-versa.

It should be noted that any kind of signing on a legal document would require a fee to be paid to the notary or to the commissioner of oaths. It is the duty of the signer, affiant, or declarant to find out the rules and regulations of the state he or she is residing in before bringing the paper for signing to the notary. On the other hand, it is also the duty of the notary or the commissioner of oaths to make sure that the signer is genuine and that the documents are genuine. The notary should verify the documents as per the laws of the state and should insist on seeing any identity proof that is required by law to get his work done and should be a person of firm character and should refrain from any malpractices.

It is the duty of the notary and the commissioner to record all the certificates that have been issued by him or her for future references. All the data has to be properly filled in and catalogued. In case of overseas drafts or in documents of international importance, he also has to keep in mind the rules and laws governing the other country where the document might be taken to so as to ensure that there is no breach. Under his meticulous survey, there should not be any discrepancy in the documents.

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