5 Reasons to Have Your Fingerprints Taken

In the context of 21st century world, it is true that security is a big thing. You need to secure everything to be sure that you are not vulnerable to any kind of threats. One way of doing this is by registering your fingerprints with the appropriate agency in your country.

When it comes to international fingerprinting services, Canada, Notarizers is making a good progress. With the best quality service and secured database, you are sure of the fact that all your accounts and identity are secured in the most appropriate manner.

If you are wondering why you should to register your fingerprint with your country, the following are some of the reason:


Many organizations or corporations need their employees and volunteers to be fingerprinted in order to know the employee better and to see whether they hold a record under the Department Of Justice of any police force such as the FBI or RCMP. Moreover fingerprinting is done to know whether the person whose fingerprints are taken is the person he actually claims to be.

2.Foreign Travel, Passports, Work Permits, Visas:

If any person wants to visit or work in other countries, a fingerprint of that person is needed just to see if that person holds any sort of criminal record.

3.Citizenship, Permanent Resident & Immigration Applicants:

People who want to apply for Canadian citizenship, permanent residence or those immigrating to Canada must provide their fingerprints in order to clear themselves from the hassle of a criminal record.

4.International Adoption Applicants:

If anyone wants to adopt a child from a foreign country then they are requested to prevent their fingerprints so that there can be a search, which must show a criminal-free record of the person who is actually adopting the child.

5.Security License:

There are some provincial regulations that require individuals in security related positions to provide a criminal record check with fingerprints in order to complete the application process.

Now the question lies is how to successfully register your fingerprint with the country’s database? It must be secure and safe, and to ensure this you need to get one of the best international fingerprinting services in Canada, which will assure you secure data collection and storing.

When it comes to taking fingerprinting services, Notarizers is the one for you in Canada. We have the most efficient experts who are very professional in what they do. We will assure you the safe and secure data collection of your fingerprints and will give you the best of services in the most affordable price. Know more on us by just visiting our website or call  us at 416-782-5926.

Victor Opara