3 Easy Ways To Help Notarize Travel Papers For Minors

Long before summer begins, numerous families start planning for vacationing abroad. It is advisable to start the planning stage well in advance, especially for going overseas, as there are quite a few formalities to be sorted out prior to the commencement of the journey. Do not be surprised if you are asked for notarization of documents for a child.

As indicated by the Department of Homeland Security in the United States and Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), if a kid is voyaging abroad with one parent, the other parent or guardian must supply a letter of authorization consenting to the other parent to travel with the child and make medical decisions that might be required during the trip. In the event that the kid is going with a grown-up other than his/her parents or guardians, both the parents must give written consent. These travel consent letters for the minors need to be notarized.

When You Are Legally Required To Provide Notarized Documents In Canada, Keep In Mind That:


You Need To Pay Attention To The State Laws: A guardian who needs his or her signature notarized must be physically present. Numerous folks are not normally acquainted with notarial principles and techniques, and may request that you authenticate the signature of a parent who is absent, but that is totally illegal. Try to abide by the laws while notarizing documents for a minor to avoid serious disputes and disappointments while travelling.

Go Through The Rules: The necessities for notarization of documents vary from country to country. Read through the requirement of the minor’s letter of permission to the destination you are planning to travel to, the airline or the ship that he will travel with. As a notary you cannot provide any unlawful advice. If by chance the guardians of the minor have any doubts, ask them to contact their preferred traveling agency to know more about the letter of permission for their child.

Do Not Get Stressed: As notary, you will be facing various types of people. Most of the parents and guardians planning to travel overseas with their minors will be panicky and worried with these legal issues. They generally get to know about these formalities of notarization of travelling documents for minors and tend to be flustered. Keep calm and let them know about legal requirements and not oblige any unlawful requests. Ask them for their proper identification proof and follow the full procedures for notarizing of any documents.

Any child, below the age of 18 years needs to carry parental consent letter while travelling abroad. The letter needs to be authenticated by a notary. For notarization of documents in Canada, for your child to travel abroad, alone or with any other person get in touch with Notarizers at: info@notarizers.ca or 1.888.672.7266

Victor Opara