The Importance of Notarizing Legal Documents

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Notarization is a very important process of validating your important legal documents. Notarization is especially needed for documents like mortgage of property against a loan, business contract and so on to name a few. Notarization of documents means signing the document by a government authorized personnel who act as a third party, impartial witness as […]

The Many Benefits of Mobile Notary Services

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The concept of mobile notary services is quite new but nevertheless has become extremely popular worldwide. Like everywhere else in the world, you would find Toronto mobile notary services as well. The mobile notary Toronto is especially beneficial people who cannot go out to public notary offices or do not have the time to travel […]

How to Get a Criminal Background Check Done?

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Criminal background check has become all the more important in the present times when crimes are on a rise worldwide. Today, all companies get a thorough background check done before employing any person and the background check includes criminal background check as well. It is also needed in case of granting visa to a country […]

Know About the Application Processes of Canada Passport

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It is extremely important to have a passport at present times. It is not only a necessary travel document that you would require when traveling to any foreign country but it is also an important identity document. With the heightened security world wide, you have to have a passport now for traveling to places where […]

All You Need to Know About Affidavit by Notary Public

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There are certain legal matters that have to be verified and validated by notary public offices. Notary are people who have been assigned by the government as representatives of the government to perform certain tasks like administering oaths, validating documents and being impartial witnesses. The notary public services are at present offered in two ways, […]

Prevention of Marriage Fraud in Canada

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Foreign marriage in Canada has led to many cases of fraud earlier and the government is taking strict measures to keep a check on this now. As the Canadian government has taken strong measures to validate a number of foreign nationals for work and thereby grant them permanent residency, people are taking the easier step […]

How Much Should You Charge as a Notary Public?

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The services of a notary public are often required to authenticate documents needed for official purposes. The notary public’s signature carries a lot of value and its presence on a document means that the document has been verified and is authentic to the best of his knowledge. Notary service cost is not fixed everywhere nonetheless. […]

Applying for a Passport in Canada

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Applying for a passport in Canada requires you to have at least two months’ time in hand for completion of the entire procedure. Here are the steps you need to follow for successfully completing your Canada passport applications: Search for the passport Canada website on the internet and get hold of an application. Those of […]

All About Travel Permission Letter for Minors

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A child under the age of 18, traveling outside Canada or from the U.S. or elsewhere to Canada, must be accompanied by a travel permission letter for minors. This is applicable to any child traveling with one parent or both, grandparent/s or other guardian and other family member or friends. The permission letter must be […]

All About Statutory Declaration of Identity

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Known as ‘statdec’ in short, a statutory declaration of identity is required when there are not adequate documents for proving the identity of refugee or immigrant claimants. The process evolved from the Aden Agreement of 2000 and was codified in the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. The statutory documents which will help you to confirm […]