Applying for a Passport in Canada

Applying for a passport in Canada requires you to have at least two months’ time in hand for completion of the entire procedure. Here are the steps you need to follow for successfully completing your Canada passport applications:

  • Search for the passport Canada website on the internet and get hold of an application. Those of you who are 16 years or older will need a PPTC 153 form while those under 16 will need the PPTC 155 form. If you are looking for a passport renewal, then you can download the PPTC 054 form from the same website.
  • You next need to fil up the form completely by following the directions given on the website. Here, you need to give your personal details such as name, address, phone number, place of birth, state if you have any Canadian travel documents and sign the declaration of guarantor. There are three pages of which all need to be filled and signed within a year of submission.
  • You will need photos to submit along with the application so it is best to hire a professional for the purpose. The photos will be accepted only if they show your face in uniform lighting, are printed on photographic paper, with a size of 2-3/4 inches height and 2 inches width. The name, address and the date of taking the photograph must also be mentioned at the back.
  • Those born in Canada need to furnish their Canadian citizenship and Birth Certificate. You need to write the date of issue and the registration or certificate number of this one on your passport application form. Those born outside Canada need to provide the certificate number and date of issue of their Canadian citizenship, the naturalization and retention of Canadian citizenship.
  • There has to be an additional document which supports your identity with the application. The name you write on the application, with the spelling, must be the same as the one on the document you submit. Commonly used documents include health care cards, driving license, etc. You need to submit original documents but they will surely be returned intact.
  • If you have received any Canadian travel document in the past five years, you should include the same.
  • The application form mentions a fee which you need to submit through credit or debit card or certified cheque or money order. This is a non-refundable fee.


Finally, you need to submit the application, either through post or by delivering it in person to the passport office.

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